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About Us

This website is not affiliated to BAM or any other organizations. We are a single entity. We are simply a website that gives freedom to all the fans of BAM to interact freely. We give here the latest information about the band and the most up to date news about their projects. We also bring to you a look back to their previous shows that you’ve missed so that you would keep updated. You can only get that here when you follow this website.

his website aims to pay tribute to the band BAM

We recognize that not all websites nowadays would give you honest information. There are those that would overshadow the truth to benefit their interest. What is worse is that they would even somehow used the malicious information they have to coerce people into giving them their hard-earned money. Here you won’t experience that. Instead, what you’d get here is honest to goodness truth. We won’t extort any money from you. We won’t even charge you anything. All that you’d get here is all for free. But the best things is that you won’t have a hard time getting it because we’d even deliver it straight to your emails if you subscribe with us.

We started our operation in 2005. At first, we are simply fans too who admire from a distance and who give it our all when supporting our idols. Then due to the demand of other supporters too, we created a place for fans as well. We extended our safe place to others so that they can enjoy this website as well. Now, several thousands of fans converge here. They exchange news and keep everyone updated. They also share top secret information especially when it comes to meet and greet and ticket selling. This is why those who chose to keep following our website was kept on the loop.

Want to know more about us? Do you want to keep updated too? Then you can follow us through this website.