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What I love about this site is that they release and publish information before it even hit the newsstands. So, if you are following this website, expect that you are going to be updated all the time. So, if you are a fan of BAM, you’d ask nothing more. It is like having the band within your reach. They make it a point to give every information whether it is about new album releases, meet and greet scheduled with the fans, and/or performances they have in the near future. The people behind this are brilliant. They always think of a way for the fans to be able to interact well with each other.


This is an online platform where one could freely get information about the band BAM. They always give the news while it is hot and help in eliminating misconceptions and gossips. The best part is that fans even help in the process and back their statements up with numbers. I love that there is a cooperation between the people who are part of this website. They truly make things possible and allow the fans to know more about their idols. As a result, there is a rapport being developed not just among the fans, but also between the band and their fans.


This is the best website ever when it comes to the band BAM. This may not be the official website of the band but they sure act as one and not in a negative way. They inform the fans all they need to know about the band and at the same time develop a relationship between fans. Because of this, fans exist harmoniously and they are able to interact well with each other. The admins are also good moderators. They are always there when problems arise. Also, they can immediately answer all your inquiries whether it is regarding the website or the band itself. 5-star for service!